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Chairmans Reserve Beef

We know that “good enough” isn’t what you look for when you step up to the grill.

There’s a passion that goes into preparing a great steak, and it’s the same passion we put into our product.

This is where beef is made great: by those who sell it and those who celebrate it.



Our Fresh Pork is quite simply the finest pork money can buy. Try Fresh Pork instead of chicken or beef in your family's favorite dishes. Suddenly you'll have dozens of brand-new recipes you already know how to cook by heart.

Our chickens are hatched, grown and processed in Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan area.  Our locally home-grown chickens are fed a corn and soy-based diet with no artificial ingredients or coloring, produced at our own feed mill in New Paris, Indiana.  What we process today is often at your store tomorrow.  Our goal is to provide the freshest and healthiest chicken available to you.


We work hard to produce the best possible poultry in the market today and hope you, your family and friends will enjoy it often.

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