Our meats are top quality. We cut meat all day every day! We have been voted Best Meat Market in the tri-county area for the last ten years. We strive to sell only the best product available. So if your having a special dinner, a holiday meal, or just an everyday supper, let us help you choose just the right items


Nothing beats the aroma of fresh baked bread.  You’ll notice the warm aroma the minute you step inside Neville’s, because we bake fresh bread all day, every day.  Add the warm smiles of the friendly staff , and you will know that you have come to the right place. We have a tempting treat for everyone and the right accompaniment for every meal.


We make a variety of homemade sausages from only the finest hand trimmed pork and spices.

Flavors we have available:

Cudighi  A robust hot Italian made with the perfect amount of heat

 Mild Italian – A toned down Cudighi

 Sweet Italian – A very mild Italian with no heat made with Fennel

 Polish Kielbasa – A favorite – bursting with flavor –made with salt, pepper, and garlic.

 Bratwurst  Our brats are the best Made with just the right combination of herbs and spices to leave a lasting impression.

 We also make Cheddar brats and Jalapeno brats with hot pepper cheese.


Want to take a bit of the pressure off yourself for your next party and spend a lot less time in the kitchen? Then think about a Party Platter from Neville’s.  We use the highest quality ingredients, from delicious meats and cheeses to field fresh fruits and vegetables.  Each tray is prepared fresh and is made to order just for you.  So, whether you’re planning a birthday party, holiday get together, or just a back yard barbecue, let us help you make it a hit with all your guests.

Our Brands

Chairmans Reserve BeefWe know that “good enough” isn’t what you look for when you step up to the grill. There’s a passion that goes into preparing a great steak, and it’s the same passion we put into our product. This is where beef is made great: by those who sell it and those who celebrate it. 

Premium Standard Farms – Our Fresh Pork is quite simply the finest pork money can buy. Try Fresh Pork instead of chicken or beef in your family’s favorite dishes. Suddenly you’ll have dozens of brand-new recipes you already know how to cook by heart.

Miller Amish Country Poultry – Our chickens are hatched, grown and processed in Northern Indiana, Southern Michigan area.  Our locally home-grown chickens are fed a corn and soy-based diet with no artificial ingredients or coloring, produced at our own feed mill in New Paris, Indiana.  What we process today is often at your store tomorrow.  Our goal is to provide the freshest and healthiest chicken available to you. 

We work hard to produce the best possible poultry in the market today and hope you, your family and friends will enjoy it often.